Fut hair transplantation and other techniques

Trasplante de cabello FUT y otras técnicas

When it comes to dealing with hair loss there are different methods. While hair treatments are good for thinning hair, a hair transplant could be the best solution to reverse male pattern baldness and other kinds of alopecia. Let’s talk hair restoration and the different types of hair transplants there are.

Hair transplant method

Types of hair transplant: is there “a better one”?

There are two kinds of hair transplant surgeries: FUE and FUT (A.K.A FUSS), both takes hair from a donor area and insert them where it’s needed. But there are key differences, here are some:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery):

  1. A strip of skin several inches long is cut from the back of the head.
  2. This strip is removed from the scalp for hair to be grafted from it.
  3. These hairs are transplanted to cover bald spots.
  4. The original incision site is stitched up. The hair restoration surgery is now done.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

  1. Instead of a strip of skin being cut from the back of the head, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area on the back of the head.
  2. Tiny holes are poked in the area of the scalp receiving the follicular units.
  3. The surgeon then inserts the hair in these tiny incisions.
  4. The procedure is now done and the area is gauzed and covered for a few days post-surgery.

There is no concrete answer to the question of “which hair transplant method is better?”, as this would be a case by case basis. A medical specialist will need to examine your specific case of hair loss in order to determine what is the best hair restoration method to better suit your needs. However, both of them have their own advantages:

Advantages of FUT:

  • FUT tends to be less expensive than FUE
  • It takes less time than the FUE procedure
  • Better suited for patients requiring many grafts.

Advantages of FUE:

  • Scarring is minimal as no linear scar left behind on the donor area like with FUT.
  • Takes less time to fully heal.
  • Better suited for patients requiring fewer grafts.
Follicular unit transplantation

Also, none of these procedures hurt as local anaesthesia is used during the surgery. Plus, in both cases, patients can continue normally with their day to day activities after the hair transplant is done.

FUE and FUT hair transplant success rate

Hair transplant procedures have come a long way since their creation. Fortunately this means that they have become more reliable. Whether it is FUE or FUT, getting a hair transplant today has a 90% chance of being successful, which is higher than other cosmetic procedures. This means that healthy hair is almost certain to grow again in the affected areas.

Furthermore, hair loss won’t be a concern for those with transplanted hair, as these follicular units come from a part of the head that doesn’t have the balding problem.

Hair restoration center in Mexico

Where to get a hair transplant surgery?

You should always talk to a doctor before considering getting a surgical procedure to get your hair back. Sometimes, instead of a hair transplant what the patient needs is a hair loss prevention treatment. Luckily, Capilea Mexico offers a free online consultation for those looking to get a hair transplant or preventing further hair loss.

In Capilea Mexico we treat each case individually, so to better treat your hair loss problem. Rest assure your hair is in great hands.