How to reactivate dead hair follicles?

How to reactivate dead hair follicles What does work

Hair loss (alopecia) can be daunting for many men, with follicles weakening and ceasing to produce hair. We know the period of thinning hair is awful, but have no fear! Help is at hand; here, we explore methods to revive your scalp’s vitality and restore lost locks in no time.

The hair follicle is the opening in the scalp where hair grows.
The hair follicle is the opening in the scalp where hair grows.

It has been heard that creams, home remedies, drugs, treatments, etc., promise to nourish the hair follicles and promote growth. Still, the reality is that few solutions definitively help hair follicle damage, and we will tell you about them right away.

Hair is an extension of the scalp. The healthier it is, the better your hair will look. Each hair rests on a follicle (which concentrates stem cells), and two infallible techniques are indispensable to regenerate its growth.

It consists of extracting follicles from the donor area (usually the back and side of the head) with microneedles and then inserting them into the recipient area (where the hair is missing). Some doctors use a microscope to ensure that the grafts are well aligned before they are placed, preventing an irregular appearance. The damaged hair follicles will be restored.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is less invasive than other alternatives, meaning the patient can recover more quickly after the procedure.

The FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) procedure also extracts the follicular units. Still, it is through the dissection of a band of scalp from the donor area.

Both techniques are very effective, and the results are incredibly natural; no one will know you have a hair graft! And the best of all is that the patient’s hair is used, which prevents the scalp from rejecting it, ensuring the success of the transplant.

The FUE technique is one of the most widely used procedures today.
The FUE technique is one of the most widely used procedures today.

Now that you know the techniques that make hair follicle growth, we’ll tell you why you should get a hair transplant to alleviate your baldness.

✅ Same-day procedure

It is a safe process and only requires local anesthesia. It takes a few hours, and after it has been performed, you can return to your routine, of course, with the care and recommendations of the doctor.

✅ Natural result

As we mentioned, since the patient’s hair is used, the result is entirely natural and evenly distributed so that areas lacking hair look dense.

✅ Guaranteed hair growth

As it is your hair, the grafted hair usually grows and will not fall out again because you already have a healthy hair follicle embedded in the area with alopecia. Your scalp will not reject its follicles.

✅ For men and women

Men suffer the most from this condition, but some women know what we are discussing, so it is an excellent option for both cases. Practically, it is for all people with baldness problems.

Hair grafting is ideal for men and women with alopecia.
Hair grafting is ideal for men and women with alopecia.

Your procedure will be seamless if you get a hair graft in an expert and reliable clinic, but do you want to keep hair follicles naturally? To unlock the full potential of this process, though, make sure to follow these simple tips!

Taking good care of your scalp is critical in achieving healthy, beautiful hair. To stimulate hair follicles and keep things looking great and feeling fresh inside and out, wash your hair regularly with natural products that are gentle on the skin. Plus, give yourself a scalp massage now and then, this can help boost blood circulation around the follicles, and you will keep healthy hair follicles.

Eating right can have a significant impact on the hair! Ensure your diet is loaded with all the good stuff like iron, protein, and folic acid to keep your hair looking strong. And skip out on processed foods as much as possible –they don’t do you or your hair any favors! Eating balanced meals will help make beautiful hair.

Are you feeling stressed out? You may not realize it, but the health of your hair follicles could be suffering as a result. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help reduce stress and keep those locks looking shiny! Consider taking yoga or relaxing walks in nature – whatever works best for you – to reduce stress.

Show off healthy and abundant hair with a hair graft.
Show off healthy and abundant hair with a hair graft.

So now you know. Forget hair thinning; the long-term solution can be found in a hair graft. The long-term solution is found in a hair transplant.

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