You should go to Tijuana to get your procedure done

Deberías ir a Tijuana para realizar tus procedimientos

Medical tourism: people travelling outside their country primarily for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. Why do people do this? Getting a high quality treatment for a fraction of the price is one of the main reasons as healthcare coverage can be tough in their homeland.

So is the case for thousands of Americans seeking to get everything from a cosmetic or plastic surgery, to organ transplants and rehabilitation yearly. Discover why Tijuana is a great place to get the medical treatment you are seeking for, at a fraction of the price.

medical tourism Tijuana

Is it a good idea to get a surgery in Tijuana? YES!

Choosing medical tourism in Tijuana is not a question of whether is it a good idea or not, because it is, it’s a question on why. Tijuana is the largest city in Baja California. For years, the city has firmly maintained its place as one of Mexico’s top medical tourism destinations. How? Beyond Tijuana´s abundance of top quality clinics, the city has an unmatched touristic scene, with great access to gastronomic and artistic experiences that have something for everyone to enjoy.

Medical tourists will always find something interesting to do in Tijuana, even without leaving their medical facility. NewCity Medical Plaza, one of Tijuana’s top medical tourism centers, gives its visitors access to more than just healthcare services. The plaza has a great shopping center fully equipped with a gastronomic area, a Quartz Hotel & Spa, and a commercial plaza.

Medical facilities for medical tourists

Medical tourism – Tijuana: what kind of procedures can you get here?

Medical tourism is one of Tijuana’s main touristic income. Therefore, the city has a plethora of medical treatments available for its visitors. Here is a list of the actual medical services tourists seek when visiting:

  • Cosmetic procedures: Beard hair transplants. Tijuana is a great example of why you don’t need to travel far to get to get a great hair transplant at a fraction of the cost. A world class destination for people looking to treat their alopecia with state of the art technology at an affordable price.
  • Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery): Another popular medical procedure sought after by so many patients.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: For most Americans, insurance doesn’t cover dental. Hence, people often seek dental healthcare in Tijuana to save on high medical fees found on the States.
  • Dermatology: Skin care in general is also a well sought after treatment in Tijuana. Plastic surgery: Whether it is a rhinoplasty or breasts implants, Tijuana is a great city to improve one’s looks.
  • General surgery: Medical tourism also covers important medical procedures, such as surgery. This is because of the low cost of scheduling in a surgical center in Tijuana. IV therapy: Patients with chronic diseases might seek for a more affordable treatment in Tijuana.
Medical care for international patients in Tijuana

Getting a hair transplant in Tijuana is the smart thing to do

As stated before, getting a hair transplant in Tijuana is the best option for Americans looking forward to get the best deal for their buck. But where exactly in the city? Capilea Tijuana is exactly the place you are looking for.

Capilea Tijuana is located in NewCity Medical Plaza, less than 20 miles away from San Diego International Airport. Capilea Tijuana is so Close to San Diego that locals can drive or even walk their way to their hair transplant.

Thanks to its cutting edge technology and medical specialists in hair restoration, patients getting their hair grafted in Capilea Tijuana can return to their daily lives in no time.

Besides, Capilea Tijuana also offers non-invasive hair restoration procedures available for each case of hair loss. Click here to get a free online consultation and discover what is the right procedure for your type of alopecia.