How does age affect hair transplants?

How does age affect hair transplants

If you’re wondering if your age is ideal for a hair transplant, remember it’s not always a determining factor. Just as age doesn’t always determine our energy level, vitality and desire to feel confident about our physical appearance. People of varying ages can benefit from a hair transplant.

There are other factors to consider when evaluating if someone is a candidate for this procedure that could be much more important than patients’ age.

Evaluation criteria for patients:

  1. Hair density of donor area

  2. Size of graft area

  3. Quality of donor hair

  4. Hair loss stability

  5. Motive of alopecia

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Factors that could cause hair loss through the years

At 50, Alopecia affects up to 50% of men and up to 15% of women. Of course genetics are an important factor that can determine if we’ll have Alopecia, but there are other factors that can cause hair loss, hair density, or damage to the scalp.

In women, changes caused by menopause can lead to hair loss. After 50, decrease of estrogen is one of the main causes of female Alopecia. More and more women are choosing to enhance their hair density for a more youthful appearance.

Many people wonder if they’re still at a good age for a hair transplant, the answer is yes. In some cases, this procedure can be done in 80 year olds as long as they check the evaluation criteria.

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If you’re experimenting Alopecia, a hair transplant is a permanent solution that can help you increase your confidence. Consult an expert to determine if you’re a good candidate.

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