Hair transplant aftercare and recovery

Hair transplant aftercare and recovery

If you’re considering a hair transplant, knowing the procedure’s proper aftercare is essential, regardless of the technique you choose. A great deal of the success of your hair transplant depends on the precautions you take after the procedure.

Looking after the donor area is as important as taking care of the recipient area.

Your aftercare steps are key in order for the patient’s hair transplant procedure to be successful, avoiding any rejections and ensuring strong new hair. There are several recommendations for a successful recovery. Here are some indications to promote optimal results of your hair transplant surgery.

hair transplant aftercare and recovery

1. Avoid any contact with your head on the days after

After a transplant, you should avoid touching your head, as well as any other direct contact that could affect your hair graft. It is recommended to sleep semi-sitting and on your back the first days after the process. After a hair transplant, you should avoid touching your head, as well as any other direct contact that could affect your recovery process. Sleeping in a semi-sitting position is recommended the first few days.

2. Don’t exercise in the next two weeks

As part of hair transplant aftercare, it’s important to avoid exercising the first 15 days after your procedure. This is to avoid infections that can occur due to sweating. You can exercise after this recommended period, preferably in activities that don’t produce excessive sweating.

3. Avoid direct exposure to the sun

The scalp needs to recover and heal properly, sun exposure can cause damage that can affect your hair transplant procedure.

4. Follow hair washing indications

It’s important to follow through with the indications provided by your surgeon after your hair transplant. Usually, you can wash your hair with the shampoo indicated on day three. You must not handle the zone aggressively, using jugs is recommended to avoid water pressure. The patient can resume their normal hair washing routine approximately after 30 days.

Every recovery phase requires different types of aftercare. Some indications can vary. Make sure to communicate any questions to your specialist to have all the information possible for your full recovery and a successful hair growth.

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