How much does a beard transplant cost in Mexico?

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In search of a masculine appearance, more and more men consider undergoing a beard hair restoration surgery. This aesthetic treatment has gained popularity in recent years, but how much does it cost to perform in Mexico? We share the average cost in the country and where you can go to do it.

Fue hair transplant provides a more masculine appearance.
Fue hair transplant provides a more masculine appearance.

Benefits of beard transplant

Beard hair transplant surgery, also known as facial hair transplant, is beneficial for those people who experience difficulties in their growth, either due to sparsely populated areas or by scars or marks.

Transplanted hair follicles usually come from the scalp of areas that have characteristics similar to facial hair in terms of texture, thickness, and quality. The main benefits of having a beard implant are:

✔ Higher density

✔ No scars

✔ Quick recovery

✔ Improves self-esteem

✔ Beard growth is continuous

✔ 100% natural and permanent

✔ No loss of sensation in the grafted area

Beard transplants improve man's appearance.
Beard transplants improve man’s appearance.

Beard hair transplant cost

The cost of hair transplant procedures may vary according to the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted, the technique used, and the experience of the doctor. On average, the price of a beard graft in Mexico can range between 15,000 and 35,000 Mexican pesos. In Capilea, we have special prices and seasonal discounts for this and other hair grafts. Send us a message on WhatsApp to know more details.

Facial hair transplants are effective and safe.
Facial hair transplants are effective and safe.

Beard transplant clinic

Feeling good about yourself is essential for man. Have the beard or mustache you’ve always dreamed of with a facial hair transplantation. We know that each case is unique, and for this reason, our hair specialist makes a first assessment to know your status and explains step by step the details of our hair transplant techniques. Book your appointment now, we have 3 hair centers in the country located in Tijuana, Monterrey, and CDMX; and have a spectacular beard!