Laser hair regrowth treatment for hair loss

Laser hair regrowth treatment for hair loss

Experiencing male or female pattern hair loss, thinning areas, or a receding hairline can take a toll on one’s confidence. If you’re looking for hair loss treatments rather than hair transplant surgery, laser light treatment is a modern, less costly, FDA-approved, and non-surgical method.

Let’s observe the main features of low level laser therapy and the effects it can have on your hair health.

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Laser hair growth treatment: the basics

Often referred to as LLLT, low level laser therapy was discovered in the 60’s when researching cancer therapy before being implemented to treat hair loss due to common factors, such as androgenetic alopecia.

LLLT uses cold lasers to produce a very specific form of red light. Using wavelengths of 630nm and 670nm is proven to be the optimal frequency for stimulating new hair growth.

The overall effectiveness of the device depends on the number of laser diodes available in the laser cap commonly used in this treatment: the more diodes, the more chances of successful results.

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How does laser hair therapy work?

The laser devices emit red light energy that stimulates the base of your hair follicles and re-energizes the mitochondria of the cells. This gives them new life to reproduce and repair the follicles, resulting in new hair growth from previously inactive ones.

More nutrients are delivered to each follicle, strengthening them and improving the hair shaft diameter and providing better hair density.

LLLT requires multiple sessions throughout several months, how many depends on your preferred method. A typical session usually takes approximately 20 minutes. This process is completely painless and non-invasive, it is a safe and effective method for both male and female patients.

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Result expectations

The process of hair regrowth after laser hair loss therapy varies for everyone, but what is commonly expected are results in four to six months.

The first changes due to laser treatments can be noticed in healthier and thicker existing hairs. As the roots begin to deepen, the follicle is able to access more nutrients, allowing it to heal itself. At this point in the process, you’ll also begin to notice new growth of baby hairs that will develop into strong hair follicles.

laser treatment for hair loss
laser treatment for hair loss

It might take a little longer to notice your results than hair transplant surgery. Low level laser therapy is an alternative to stimulate hair growth that promotes natural change over time. If you’re looking for more immediate and definite results, you might want to look into hair transplant surgery.

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