4 success stories of hair transplant: before and after

As we have already discussed, hair grafting has become an increasingly popular and effective practice. This method, in addition to restoring lost hair density, also restores self-esteem and confidence. In the next lines, we share our most outstanding success stories in Capilea Mexico.

Crown and receding hairline are common areas of baldness.
Crown and receding hairline are common areas of baldness.

What is a hair transplant procedure?

It is a surgical process in which the doctor removes hair grafts from the donor area of the patient’s scalp (existing hair usually on the back or side of the head) and then implants them in the areas affected by hair loss.

These follicular units contain one or more hair follicles that are carefully moved to bald areas or areas with low capillary density. The main objective is to restore the lost density, achieving a natural and permanent appearance. In a few months, the transplanted hair will look breathtaking.

Are you wondering how many grafts do you need? Check out the number of grafts you need here, and read our article “Hair transplant timeline” to know in detail the different stages and possible effects of this process.

Alopecia is solved with a fue hair transplantation.
Alopecia is solved with a fue hair transplantation.

Hair transplants: Before and after

The contrast between before and after lies not only in the physical appearance but also in the emotional and psychological change experienced by those who decide to take this step. See the stunning results our patients have experienced with our techniques.

Recover your hair in Capilea

Having hair restoration is possible. In Capilea we have 3 clinics in the country: Monterrey, Tijuana, and Mexico City. In each, we have specialized teams in the area, ready to solve all your doubts and explain the procedure for your case. Request more information via WhatsApp or schedule your appointment today.