Female Pattern Baldness & Hair Loss on One Side of Head

Hair loss: sometimes it only shows on one side of the head, leaving that area with thinner hair or none at all. Find out why does this happen

Hair loss: most of the times it is part of the natural hair growth cycle, others it can indicate early signs of baldness. Sadly, for 5% of the total world population, it could lead to bald patches and even total hair loss. Nonetheless, sometimes it only shows on one side of the head, leaving that area with thinner hair or none at all.

Why does this happen? Is it related to male or female patter baldness? Let’s find out.

Woman with one sided hair loss

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss affects both men and women alike. Around 50% of people will lose hair by the age of 50. This can manifest as a receding hairline or hair loss in a certain area, also known as pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is what most people associate with hair loss. It is the most common form of androgenetic alopecia and it is characterized by the falling of hair follicles on the top of the head. Female pattern baldness, unlike male, is a fair more generalized. It is characterized by hair thinning all around the head, and partial hair loss on the top.

These are both triggered by genetic and behavioral factors, meaning that it is more likely to happen to those who have bald relatives, a lot of stress in their life, don’t have a healthy diet, etc. However, other factors could trigger different kinds of alopecia, such as on the side of the head.

Receding hairline due to excessive hair loss

Sometimes hair falling can be localized in one area of the head, it is commonly known as one-sided hair loss. This kind of hair loss and hair thinning can have many causes. Among the possible reasons are:

  1. Fungal infection: if the scalp and hair follicles are infected with fungi, such as tinea capitis (commonly known as ringworm), might cause the hair to fall on said area. Fortunately, after some prescription fungicide the infection will cease and new hair will grow back.
  2. Scalp injury: scar tissues can no longer regrow hair. If any scalp injury was sustained that lead to scarring, a bald spot will appear in the same area.
  3. Hair traction: excessive hair pulling when brushing, using hot curling irons for too long, may cause hair loss. This is more common in women.
  4. Alopecia areata: this king of alopecia manifests as bald patches around the head. It is necessary to ask a doctor in order to correctly identify and treat it.
  5. Normal shedding: it may also be part of the hair growth cycle. The hair growth process involves losing hair every day (up to 100 on average) to give space to new hair.

Another common question is that if hair is naturally thinner on the sides. The short answer is yes. It is normal for people to have thinner hair on the sides of the head, and it can be affected by the sleeping position of choice. Sleeping on the side can provoke hair thinning on said side, leading to more hair being lost on one side than the other.

Patchy hair loss on the side of the head

One-sided hair loss and hair thinning is something that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, hair restoration is more accesible now than ever. It consists in applying nutrients directly to the scalp in order to stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair thinning and hair loss. It is a process carried out by a medical professional specialized in hair loss treatments.

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